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Life Can Be Tricky...

All of us go through periods where we can feel stuck, frustrated, bored, purposeless or even in total despair. Whether it's our relationships (or lack of), our vocation (or lack of) or simply the many inner struggles and longings that ache to be fulfilled, something in us knows that there must be more.

It's a Wonderful Life, but...

Deep down inside you trust that life is truly an amazing gift. You know that your potential is way more than you’re currently expressing. And like everyone, you probably often ache to be enjoying & living life as fully as possible. Perhaps, you wonder, your sense of freedom, creative output & satisfaction with life would skyrocket if you could learn to tap into some deeper resources? But like so many of us, you find that you keep bumping up against all too familiar limiting beliefs, fears or other obstacles. Where the heck did these limitations come from? How can you move beyond them?

See wall: Bang head. Like the rest of us, you’ve likely tried various approaches to get past your fears & limitations:

    • work harder
    • pretend they don’t exist
    • read self-help books or audio-tapes
    • attend lectures
    • get therapy
    • drug them away
    • self-talk your way out of it
    • ad nauseum

Through all these attempts you’ve come out with some great insights, learned about yourself and even had a few breakthroughs -that's excellent!- and now you're looking for something more. More often than not, the 'changes' you experienced were superficial, didn’t last long, or introduced additional costs that made you wonder if it was really worth it.

What’s going on? Is it possible to experience personal change that actually lasts?

You’re More than A Machine

I’ve found that there’s at least three key dimensions that tend to be missing from traditional approaches to personal growth:

  1. The first
    is that they don’t engage us as a ‘whole’ person
    . Most personal growth programs & teachers are still locked in a paradigm that sees us as left-brain-centric information processing machines. Does that compute? The reality is that we are much more complex and mysterious beings who need to have our whole mind, creative imagination, emotions & bodily senses engaged in the process of transformation.
  2. The second
    is that they rarely give us the opportunity to feel safe & free enough to access the core dimensions that make us human, dimensions like our ability to trust, to make authentic choices, to playfully create and to make meaningful connections with other people.
  3. The third:
    is that they tend to take themselves too seriously -they’re missing the fun! If we’re aiming for change in our lives, surely it’s so that we can enjoy our lives more, right? If so, shouldn’t the process also be mostly enjoyable? How likely are we to stick through the process of change if it’s a boring, frustrating or otherwise unpleasant experience? If life is a game, let's have fun playing! Right?

Play: It's How We Grow Up

Following our sense of fun is actually how we accomplished most of our ‘growing up’ –by playing, creating, pretending, exploring and experimenting with life. But sadly, most of us stopped, letting various fears & limiting beliefs shut down or severely hamper our full potential. If we’re going to see real growth in our lives, we need to find safe, supportive environments that give us enjoyable opportunities to be engaged as whole people. We need to stretch those core inner faculties of trust & freedom & creativity. We'll want to follow the golden thread of enjoyment wherever it may spontaneously lead. Perhaps it led you here?

Spark Interaction's 'Breakthrough Coaching'

-A Personal Journey Towards Living Fully

My goal as a coach, or guide, is to help you explore your 'soulscape', your inner landscape, so that you can discover the golden thread of your most authentic self & deepest passions. However, neither of us would be satisfied with merely dis-covering your core passions, we want to help you find the support you need to creatively express yourself in a way that allows you to live & enjoy your life as fully as possible.

The Coaching Journey

Imagine that you're about to embark on an exciting new journey with a new guide. The two of us have had enough preparatory conversations to feel like we're a good match. We'll be traveling to territory that is inspiringly new, painfully familiar or sometimes strange and disorienting. You've come prepared with a unique set of skills and tools, some that you're aware of & appreciate and some that you haven't yet grown into. As your guide on the journey, I have another set of unique skills and tools to help you along the way. My backpack is packed full of provocative questions, creative exercises, tools to help you discover, clarify & move towards your goals, and much more. Other help, inner and outer, may be enlisted further along the journey as well.

You're almost ready.

Our journey together starts by getting to know some basic information about each other -communication styles, unique needs, guidelines to follow, etc. We'll then move on to surveying the existing landscape, or soulscape, of your life. Using an on-line tool to track your progress, we''ll map out how satisfied you are with various areas of your life -vocation, social, financial, spiritual, romantic, creative, fun, etc. What might it look like if you were to be fully satisfied in each of those areas? We'll also gradually add some specific 'destinations' (goals) that you're wanting to move towards --perhaps the first one simply being to discover what destinations/goals make you feel most alive. We may also decide to spend time identifying & articulating your personal values, mission & vision which will greatly help to guide you along your journey. 

Let's Go!

What's it going to be like working together? Our actual journey together will consist of your being asked opening, challenging and thought-provoking questions; being listened to with care while I also listen to intuitive promptings; being challenged to stay authentic & honest; being reminded of your goals, values, mission & vision; creative exercises to break free of old, unhelpful thinking & habits, and much more. You don't need to continue to heed those voices, inside & out, that are keeping you from your dreams. You are just as capable as anyone else to fully participate in Life's great adventure, to achieve your wildest dreams and to experience deep joy & satisfaction with life. And you don't need to try to do it all alone. There are many people out there, I'm just one of them, who would love to help you along the way. After each session, which is recorded and available for later listening if you wish, I'll suggest 'quests' (real life action-steps related to your stated goals) for you to undertake during the time between our calls. You'll also be sent notes from our session together, for your records & to review. Where we go on this journey, and how long I remain your guide, will ultimately be up to you. There are relatively few limits, almost anything is possible. Where do you want to go?

Coaching Packages & Details

Because change takes time, I ask each client to commit to a journey together of at least 3 months, 6 months or 1 year (rates decrease for longer commitments.) Regular coaching sessions are available for either 45 mins or 1.25 hrs, depending on your interest, style & capacity for engagement. We can do our work over the phone, over skype video or face to face*. *Due to my current living/working situation, there is a 20% rate increase for face to face sessions when they're beyond my local community of Port Townsend, WA.

In addition to our coaching sessions, you will receive:

  • 25% discount for any workshops that take place during the time of our coaching relationship
  • 24/7 access to online tools used to document & support our coaching process
  • 10% discount for the remainder of your coaching package for every referral that results in a new paid coaching relationship

Wow, that was a lot of information, huh?  Thanks for taking the time to get this far, I hope it was helpful for you.  Please free free to call me with any questions (206-428-7626) or use the contact us form to send an inquiry. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Leif H. Hansen


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