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Improv Wisdom Online Book
Study & Group Coaching Class

Would you like to have more freedom, power, spontaneity and creativity in your everyday life? And how about being more game to notice and say “Yes!” to the adventures, opportunities and hidden gifts life brings your way?

Patricia Madsen’s International Bestseller “Improv Wisdom” is an excellent resource for making exciting and powerful shifts in your life, especially when accompanied with live coaching from Spark Interaction founder & Playformation™ specialist Leif Hansen and the support of other class members!

Each week you’ll get to hear an inspiring opening from Leif Hansen, receive direct coaching support for integrating “Improv Wisdom” into your everyday life and learn from other participants' learning journeys. Each class also ends with an optional “Reality Game” Quest to deepen your experience during the following week. Sound fun?  


Class Fees

We've decided to make this class super affordable to people, so it's only $35 a week, billed as $140 a month for the three month period.  Considering tha a single 1 hour coaching appointment is $125, this is an amazing opportunity to dive into rich content & join a powerful group coaching experience of 6 hours a month for only $140 a month!

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Other Details

  • Classes will make use of conference call software.  Weekly access to a phone is all that is needed
  • Occasional supplemental material, including a private optional online facebook group, will also be provided periodically.
  • Available days & times are chosen within the application form and will be decided by popular vote.
  • There are paper or kindle versions of of the book that can be bought on

Download the 1st chapter for free to get a taste of what's in store!

Chapter Titles & Themes for Each Class

Week 1: “Say Yes”
Week 2: “Don’t Prepare”
Week 3: “Just Show Up
Week 4: “Start Anywhere”
Week 5: “Be Average”
Week 6: “Pay Attention”
Week 7: “Face the Facts”
Week 8: “Stay on Course”
Week 9: “Wake up to the Gifts”
Week 10: “Make Mistakes, please”
Week 11: “Act Now”
Week 12: “Take Care of Each Other” & “Enjoy the Ride”


Apply for Class Now! 
(Class Size Extremely Limited)

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