Information is Dead.  Spark Transformation Through Authentic Engagement & Interactivity.

Being a motivated professional with a vision, you've no doubt tried or experienced various ways to keep a group engaged, to 'wow' them on a substantive level. Some methods worked, others...well, not so much. Along the way, perhaps you've learned a few great skills and tricks like: (click each scenario to expand text)

  • capturing eyeballs with technology's special effects {More...}
  • entertaining with dancing bears {More...}
  • channeling Tony Robbins' presence {More...}
  • dazzling your audience with a high profile venue {More...}
  • impressing folks with 'Expert' Big Words {More...}
  • visualizing success while holding a blue crystal {More...}
  • plain old hoping that "It'll all just work out" {More...}

Unfortunately, rarely do these methods seem to get to the essential dynamics of sustained, authentic engagement.

Not all that glitters is gold All of the above standard approaches tend to have good tips and tricks for getting the attention of groups you work with, however, they usually miss out on the most crucial elements of deep, lasting engagement. They gain eyeballs, but don't win trusting hearts. Technology can do some things well --like capturing initial attention or conveying complex ideas more simply --but its impersonal & digital nature fails at engaging the whole person, connecting people to each other meaningfully and enabling participants to fully digest & interact with the material. Adding entertainment can be good and fun, but usually keeps the action "up front" and the learning superficial. As for trying to be 'The Expert' or imitating someone else (like Tony Robbins), that's never a good idea because it hinders the authentic, amazing YOU from shining out and connecting with your group. And besides, most people are excellent at detecting 'actors'. Each of these 'techniques' is a "top-down" solution to a set of much deeper human needs & interests. In the end, they don't foster authentic connection & trust, and trust is the foundation of all lasting engagement.

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