Information is Dead.  Spark Transformation Through Authentic Engagement & Interactivity.

"The Miracle of the Moment"

...Unlock Your Deepest Yes

A Spark Interaction Personal Playformation Full Day Playshop

 Seattle- Oct 13th | Port Townsend -Nov 3rd | Portland -November 10th

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Now is literally the moment you've been waiting for your whole life...still is....still is...yup, 'now' always is...yet why is it so hard to really trust/enter/feel/know the miracle of the moment? What inner resistance and "no"s are getting in the way of giving your deepest "yes!" to Life?

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This full day playformation-based personal retreat, facilitated by Spark Interaction founder Leif Hansen, is designed to increase your openness to adventure, strengthen your love inspired self-confidence and expand your freedom for authentic, passion-led creative expression.  This Playshop also includes a delicious organic lunch, reality-games bracelet, playformation booklet and membership in the private online Playformation Tribe.  

The Deets... 

The Goody Basket: Your Playshop includes...

  1. Six Delightful Hours of learning, creating & playforming with a group of superheroes like you
  2. HomePlay Booklet filled with playformation™ principles, interactivities and more.
  3. "Reality Games" Bracelet for continued mindfulness & everyday quests
  4. Ongoing Access to a Private Online Playformation™ Tribe
    (discussions; articles; weekly quests; resources and more!)

What you'll walk away with...

Experience, Practice and Learn Skills that will help you:

  • Amplify awareness of the moment's beauty, goodness & possibilities
  • Increase everyday creative flow, freedom & spontaneity
  • Grow in deeper self-acceptance, trust, love, confidence and POWER
  • Experience more gratitude, joypeace and love for LIFE
  • Enrich your relationshipslistening skills & powers of self-expression

(More information about Playformation™ and your facilitator Leif Hansen below...)

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Seattle, Om Culture
October 13th, 9:30-4:30

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 Sold Out

Port Townsend,
Madrona Mind Body Institute:
November 3rd, 9:30-4:30 


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Space Available!

Portland, Venue TBA, 
November 10th, 9:30-4:30


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Space Available!


About Playformation™


Playformation is the term I use to describe an experiential learning modality that results in personal & organizational transformation.  Playformation overcomes the limitations & superficial results often brought about by traditional linear, verbal lectures and power-point presentations -no matter how splashy they may be.  Playformation uses a variety of exercises, games, simulations & experiments that are primarily inspired by the rapidly growing field of applied improvisation.   

Playformation also creates a rich environment of safety, trust and freedom essential for helping participants move past the fears and self-limiting beliefs that paralyze them from fully participating in the learning process.  While playformation most often has specific goals in mind, the experience itself is intrinsically valuable because the interactivities are fun, enrich relationships and allow for creative self-expression. The methodology and results are entwingled, so you don't have to wait and wonder when the benefits are going to kick in.  Recent Playformation: The Ninja Mind at Play

About Your Facilitator

Leif Hansen is a nationally recognized group facilitator, trainer & teacher.  His workshops have been featured on a variety of media including NBC’s Today Show, PBS Online & the LA Times. Leif is known for using highly engaging, playful and innovative processes to accelerate personal growth, catalyze communities and transform organizations. His mission is empowering people & organizations to discover & creatively express their core passions in ways that make this world a more magical, loving & fun place to be .

Quotes From Past Participants

"I heard about this workshop the day before it was set to occur. I was feeling stuck and in need of a creative push to shift my motivation and energy. This workshop offered me a fantastic opportunity at very much my own pace to engage in highly creative activities, share meaningful experiences with others, reflect on my current state and make some decisions about how to move forward. Thank you, Leif and all of the day's participants!" -Rebekka Goldsmit

"Are you in a rut? Can't remember the last time you laughed from your belly? Do you recall the last time you let your imagination guide your day? No? Then you are in for a big treat when you decide to participate in the Miracle of the Moment." -Sheila

"The Playformation workshop really helped to ground me in my body. Leif created a space where I was able to play like a kid and express myself creatively without fear or inhibition. I loved it!" -Dan Mahle

"This PlayShop helped show me that I can be more spontaneous and playful in my life. I got to express aspects of myself that I have never expressed before, and be with others who were probably doing the same. The time went quickly, and it was so much FUN! I would love to play like this more often, and intend to!" -Marji

"I had a great day of play with Leif and friends at the Playformation event.
I came in not knowing really what to expect, and left feeling lifted, energized and satisfied with the playfulness/seriousness that emerged from our interactions. A very sweet day~" -Ellen Zrimsek

"In Leif Hansen's "Playshop"" I gifted myself with the experience of being bombarded with experiential activities that allowed me the freedom to ""test"" various situational and life applicable comfort zones. I was pleasantly surprised at what glee could I experience when I played full out, not holding back, showing up fully as ME. Stretching felt good and injected courage deep inside. I left giving myself the permission & feeling more free to show up authentically no matter what. It was super fun playing with amazing people. "
-Terry Loving

"The basic skills of improv help you to be yourself and live in the moment. You have an infinite reserve of ideas and possibilities, accessible through the raw material of the here and now. That's a very big gift! Leif is a talented facilitator who helped us learn this great habit." -Carrie

"I enjoyed bringing out the kid in me and finding parallels to my adult life. I found myself on the edge of one of my biggest questions I have been pondering for a long time! I encourage people to go and participate - just to see what comes up. Life is a box of chocolates!" -Jessie

"Leif is a passionate and high energy instructor. He helped me access the part of myself that wants to ""hold back"" and unleash my authentic expression. The group was supportive and encouraging which really helped me. Most importantly I saw how i could take what i learned and apply it to the real world. I am more playful at my work place, with strangers, and in my pursuits. I see how playfulness is the key to living a meaningful life, and a bridge to melting barriers between people. This is powerful stuff!"

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